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The Chatbot experience
by D Roughan
Chatbots seem to be cropping up on websites all over the internet, and they are generating some very mixed reactions. So what is a chatbot and should you have one on your website? Read More ...
New Mandatory Data Breach Reporting
by N Scheidegger
From February 22nd, 2018 the new Mandatory Data Breach Notification Laws will be in place in Australia. How will your business prepare? Read More ...
The perpetual headache of passwords
by N Scheidegger
A seemingly dull topic, passwords have become the new hot issue when it comes to Cyber Security, as it’s often the easiest way for hackers to get in. But what should your business REALLY be doing to limit this risk? Read More ...
Collaboration in the Digital Age
by N Scheidegger
As we become more dependent on digital tools and remote working, businesses now face the unusual challenge of maintaining a collaborative culture in this dynamic and often ‘removed’ environment. So what digital tools exist to help businesses foster collaboration? Read More ...
To app or not to app
by N Scheidegger
Most businesses have thought about building an app at some point. Perhaps a competitor has one, or perhaps your customers have asked. So is it worth investing in? Or is your website enough? Read on to find out more... Read More ...
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