Backup management is critical for businesses to ensure data loss is minimal – whether in the event of a Disaster, or a hardware or software failure.

Our fixed price packages include world class backup software and daily backup maintenance, to ensure your backups are up to date and secure.
For some companies backup alone is not enough to ensure Business Continuity in the event of an incident. For these clients, 3rdmill offers tailored Disaster Recovery solutions, so your staff and your business can be up and running in no time.

 Our Backup As a Service packages include:

  • Backup and replication powered by marketed leading Veeam software
  • Cost effective cloud backups in our Cloud
  • Managed backup services to ensure failed backups are picked up early

What do I need to consider?

Good backups should always include an offsite component, whether this is via USB drives or into the Cloud. Backup retention is critical - two weeks is a minimum, 3rdmill recommends up to three months. Where the costs of business downtime are too high, look at investing in Disaster Recovery solutions.

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