Still stuck in the paper age? Don’t want to spend thousands on a custom solution? 3rdmill can help small business work smarter with our cost effective productivity solutions

Small businesses often struggle to make the leap to digital, particularly when the cost of failure can be so high. With our out-of-the-box DigitalDesktop solution, your business can manage files, customers, activities and email all from a central point.
For insurance brokers, our suite of productivity tool can also connect with your broking systems to help automate claims, process renewals, and much more.

 DigitalDesktop features include:

  • A Document Management system
  • Workflow management tools to track activities, leads, delegation and reporting
  • Knowledge management to ensure staff access the most relevant and up to date information
  • Mobile and table versions, so you can access your data wherever you roam

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If your business still uses Microsoft Excel and Word for core business processes, it may be time to start looking at what solutions are in the market. Call us today for a free demonstration.

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