Our clients data is critical to business continuity. We help them to secure the data at rest and in motion, protecting their networks, servers, end-points and cloud services.

3rdmill partners with the market leaders in next generation security solutions to deliver best-in-breed data protection to help our clients reduce risk and ensure compliance. We provide proactive monitoring and maintenance of our clients devices keeping them safe from cybercrime.

Our services include network protection, end-point security, access control, web application security, email protection, secure cloud hosting and disaster recovery.

 Benefits of our Security offerings

  • Monitoring and proactive maintenance of IT systems
  • Ensuring business critical applications are available and only accessible to authorised personnel
  • Reducing the risks of cyber threats, data leakage and unauthorised access

Why would I need this?

A secure network will not only give you the peace of mind to know your data is safe, but will also reduce the risk of downtime often associated with security breaches. Finally, many insurance companies will require a certain level of security before they can cover your business for Cyber Insurance.

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