We know your data is critical to your business. Our security offerings help our clients protect their networks, servers, end-points and cloud services from malicious and accidental data loss.

With the onset of the new Data Breach Notifications Laws in Australia, businesses need to be serious about data security more than ever before. At 3rdmill, we partner with market leaders in next generation security solutions to deliver best-in-breed data protection. Whether it's on-premise data or Cloud hosted, we tailor our solutions to our clients to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

Ask us today about how we can help with network protection, end-point security, access control, web application security, email protection, secure cloud hosting and more.

 What constitutes a data breach?

From February 22nd 2018, the new Mandatory Data Breach Notification Laws have been in place in Australia. It’s easy to think of a data breach as just a “hack” or malicious attack on your data, but the legislation is far broader than that. Some other examples of data breaches include:

  • Loss of data, from an employee leaving paper or unsecured computer equipment on a train;
  • Unauthorised access by an employee or independent contractor (e.g. incorrect permissions) and
  • Unauthorised disclosure such as when someone publishes a confidential data file containing personal information on the internet.

Why would I need this?

A secure network will not only give you the peace of mind to know your data is safe, but will also reduce the risk of downtime often associated with security breaches. Read more about good practice security for SMBs in our blog post here.

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